Visual identity pricing packages

This part is super important in establishing the direction you want your visual identity to go. After answering a set of questions, including; Your main business value proposition, the type of clients you want to attract, how you do business, trust indicators and growth expectations, I will formulate a mini competitor analysis and provide some visual inspiration for you to make sure we’re going in the right direction.

Brand colour scheme
Colour is one of the most important aspects of brand identity. I have included it here as the colour scheme can vastly influence the overall brand. After establishing the research direction and you provide me with information, I will suggest a colour scheme. At the finalization of the project, you will receive a file with the colour codes in Hex, CMYK, RGB and if needed, Pantone.

After finding out which direction you want to go with your brand identity, I will provide three to four different logo options and we can discuss which one you would like to go with. Once a decision is reached and the colour scheme devised, I will provide you with files suitable for all applications and in negative/positive formats, as well as in colour.

16000kr (approximately 2500USD)