The Barbed Hare

The Barbed Hare came about because of our love for illustration and all things art. The name came about due to our love of critters and our chief illustrator, creating an artwork with a hare and human. Being barbed, it signifies that not everything is always rosy and we know that, like us, there are people out there who have an edge. Who refuse to bow down to the masses and chase their dreams with a passion that belies the stories from ancient civilizations, where heroes are real and heroines fight alongside them. In a world where everyone is equal and difference is celebrated.

We cater to the private, corporate and editorial sectors. Under those three umbrellas, you can find, wedding stationery and table decorations, wall art, prints and custom made commissions of paintings, drawings, and stationery.

In the future, we will offer events, space decoration, product launches, object design and manufacturing and wedding services.