Social Media Management

Increase reach and engagement on your social media channels with glammed up content, including visuals and copy, with just the right kind of hashtags and target marketing thrown in!

We do all the big social media, excelling beyond the norm at LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Each social channel has it’s own audience and we know how to make each of them pop, pop, pop!

Having a strategy and an overall visual style for each channel is key to making people click, engage and most importantly of all, get people interested in purchasing from your amazing and pumped up brand.

To get a feel for each social media channel, we have some sweet guidelines that can help with reach and engagement.


  • Keep it professional
  • Give viewers some eye candy
  • Create value by giving viewers something they are interested in
  • Get those hashtags right
  • Post content about your brand
  • Push those leadership qualities we all know you have
  • Publish articles
  • Update your company and personal descriptions
  • Engage with your target market
  • Comment on other people’s posts
  • Answer any comments with love


  • You can be more fun!
  • Catch viewers attention with video and colour
  • Create a scene
  • Stoke the hashtag fire
  • Post about your awesome company
  • Highlight your people
  • Show off your customers
  • Give your profile an uplift
  • Post in Groups
  • Check your messages
  • Spread the Facebook love