I saw you in the stars once


It was supposed to be Spring. The snow seemed to not have been informed, as it tumbled down into my face as I trudged along the sludgy roads to my job. The sun only creeping up to greet me briefly, before I entered the tunnels. Leading me deep underground. Cold air seemed to sneak in, uninvited up under my collar. Small melted snowflakes melted my hair to my face. A shiver caught through me. A momentary lapse in strength. Shaking it off, I thought to myself, I’ll warm up soon enough. When the hammer starts to fall. The quiet echoed through the tunnels. Shift change silence, beckoning me forwards.

Picking up a hammer, I nodded to the overseer, who grunted in reply.

Snarling, he pointed towards the third tunnel and said, ‘forty-seven, twenty-two and three.’

Other workers started filing in and were allocated a tunnel, in the labyrinth of hard stone caves that had been pillaged of all precious stones and minerals, for the past fifty years. Unlike most mines, this one seemed to just keep going. Providing jobs and the precious minerals that fueled the economy and lined the pockets of the wealthy, with gold.

One such mineral was Pryon. This was what I mined. I’d found a seam, deep in forty-seven, twenty-two and three and had been mining it for the past year. It seemed I had a knack for finding it. Something in my blood, they’d said, when another seam was found. Pryon was worth more than the average mineral, although my wages never differed. I was beaten less and given water, due to my ability to find the sought after rock seams. A rare occurrence, deep underground.