Of the Dark Moon


Mánihynir was mountain born and bred. His father was the Clan Chief for the Sansari. His mother was a young woman who was kidnapped many years before. Her homeland was Kudaii, located in the Land of Shadows. It was known from a young age, that Mánihynir was different. On the eve of him becoming a man, Mánihynir met a young woman, who turned his world upside down. Following her, Mánihynir was led into a different world of magic and learning. He found a place where his ways were respected. The love of the woman, taking him deep into the war that raged in the Five Corners. A lost family was also found along the way, igniting the darkness held deep within Mánihynir’s soul. Forever changing the young man from a simple mountain tracker to one that would succeed in bringing stability to the Five Corners.