Creative copywriting

Creating copy for advertisements, brand stories, web copy, social media, brochures, blog posts, articles, editorials, features, infographics and short stories

Content writing for defined audiences and with a specified tone of voice

Defining a tone of voice for branding purposes to be included in brand manuals, tailoring content to a specific target audience based on target market analysis




Writing blogs to increase brand awareness, product awareness, leadership thought pieces, events, new features, industry, and company news


Long-tail content targeted at a higher level audience, SEO research articles for greater reach, extended thought pieces for the discerning reader





Researching topics, trends, target market likes and dislikes, investigating new industry technology and thought leadership ideas

Conducting interviews for customer stories and editorial pieces

Interviewing customers for features on websites, brochures, and videos

Case studies

Technical case studies containing in-depth information about products for in-house use and to encourage high-level stakeholders outside of companies to purchase products





Editing website copy, presentations, brochures, white papers, guides, and emails for structural integrity


Checking copy for grammatical and spelling errors

Project management

Project managing copywriting tasks, implementation, deadlines, external writers, and design team

Planning and implementing marketing email campaigns

Campaign strategy, implementation, tone of voice and target market segmentation




Teaching materials

Preparing teaching materials for CMS, Adobe Creative Suite, Salesforce, Pardot, Microsoft Dynamics and SEO implementation

Instruction manuals

Product instruction manuals


US, UK, and Australian English Native Speaker

If you would like help with copywriting or editing, pop me a mail or, give me a call and let’s see if we can work something out.

I am based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Available for work worldwide.

You can reach me on +45 52 68 71 46.


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