I was tasked with creating a logo for a jewellery and clothing brand that incorporated the letter A. The products are quite delicate and made with well-sourced and fine materials. Part of the product range includes kimono style clothing range and the jewellery features pearls with gold details. The patterns on the kimono are quite graphic and whimsical. 

Laura branding and logo

As part of the process, I created a series of possible designs, featuring the letter A, that delved into the products ethos and style imbued by the Alura brand. It was a requirement that the text logo incorporated a diamond symbol in between the letters. 

Working from this brief, I created a series of logo designs, featuring the A and the triangular formats of the diamond as well as taking into consideration the serif font used in the text logo. 

The final outcome is two A symbols reflecting each other and featuring the diamond triangle shapes, inside of a circle. The circle represents the jewellery part of the Alura brand, which includes freshwater pearls and the gold links used in the jewellery production. The geometric shape of the overall logo was also influenced by the kimono and how it wraps in triangular form around the body. Each piece of fabric is cut with the line of the body and how it is worn in mind.

As Alura is based in Copenhagen and part of the branding emphasizes that the company is based in Denmark, the word Copenhagen needed to be added to the packaging. I chose a sans-serif capitalised font so as to not take the eye away from the serif logo format, but add a softer tone to the word, whilst capitalising the c in Copenhagen emphasised it’s importance.
The colour palette was kept simple, with a soft black and off-white chosen for the packaging. This was done on request of the owners of Alura and represents the elegant products they create, whilst keeping with the Scandinavian, minimalist style. The off-white I chose is slightly warm in tone, to create a sense of delicate strength. 

It was important when designing the logo and packaging that the final outcome could be resized from large to very small, due to the box sizes of the jewellery packaging, as well as the clothing labels that will be sewn inside the neck of the final pieces. 

The website will be coming soon.