People illustrations

I have always been fond of drawing people. In this continuing series, I am working on different poses and colors, as well as circumstantial critiques of a given situation.

Inanimate object illustrations

I have a great love of food and enjoy creating images for the hospitality industry. My technique is well suited to this as fine lines and black go well with food. What did I do?: I first took photos in a restaurant with a conference hall, where an event was taking place. After that step, I hand drewContinue reading “Inanimate object illustrations”


I have traveled a lot and am fascinated by wayfaring and how maps are drawn. I like to hand draw maps and manipulate them Adobe Illustrator. Sometimes I’ll take a geographical map image and play with it in Illustrator as well. What did I do?: The maps I create reflect the city somehow, whether theyContinue reading “Cartography”

Architectural sketch

Architectural illustrations

Acitectural building illustrations – Technical, interior and external building facades/landscaping.

milk bottles in blue outline illustration

The milkman illustration

Vegemite illustration

Herring illustration

Adonis illustration

Illustration of Adonis by Naomi Anne Little. Fine line drawing with an emphasis on the naked male figure and it’s depiction throughout time.

Cell transformation illustration

Cell structure illustration

Sun and surf - Under the sea by Naomi Anne Little

Sun and surf (Under the sea)

Wave illustration by Naomi Anne Little


Moonlight surfing. Digital illustration by Naomi Anne Little

Moonlight surfing

Iceberg melting digital illustration

Iceberg​ melting

Mountain illustration by Naomi Anne Little

Mountain – Digital illustration

Summer waves illustration

Summer waves

Sea, sun and land illustration by Naomi Anne Little

Sea, sun and land

Everyday is zen

Branding, concept development, training materials and subscription based website design and development on WordPress.

Summer Nights Studio

SØD logo in text


Branding and concept development for a creative studio in Copenhagen. The lakes are a defining feature of Copenhagen. We took the lakes and combined them with a minimalistic representation of the word sød in Danish, which means sweet. Utilising bright blue, signifying trust and pairing it with pale pink, to invoke a sense of calmness,Continue reading “SØD”

FAE Media and Publishing logo

FAE Media