Pay invoices

Thank you for purchasing with Naomi Anne Little. You can find our payment information below. If there is another way you would like to pay, please get in contact.

All customers can pay with Paypal

All you need to do is add the amount and currency at the end of the link. For example;
Make sure you put the correct amount for the invoice above.

You will see a page that has a payment section as seen below. All you need to do is adjust the currency if needed, login to PayPal and pay. So easy!

For international customer’s you can pay by IBAN bank transfer as an alternative to PayPal

International bank transfer
Nordea Bank
IBAN DK4820003496625942

For local Danish customer’s you have the below options

Mobile Pay
52 68 71 46

Bank transfer
Nordea Bank
REG. NR. 2105
KONTONR. 3496625942

Please be sure to add the name of your business in the field notes when paying.