List of reputed editors


In my search for a reputable editor for my own novels, I heard about a myriad of horror stories, in regards to editors who were not on point. To help solve this issue, I created a page of reputable and trustworthy editors that have come recommended.

If you know of a fantastic editor, please email me their details and I’ll ask if I can add them to this list.


Donna Marie West

Freelance writer, editor, and translator.

Member of Riot Dogg Editing Cooperative

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Lynne Stringer


Lynne Stringer is a professional editor who has been editing fiction for seven years and non-fiction for 20 years. She is available to edit manuscripts of all genres and types. The price for structural editing or proofreading is one cent per word. Line editing will be quoted per manuscript.


I self-edited my first self-published book because I thought I couldn’t afford an editor and because I believed I could find enough of the errors myself. That mistake cost me thousands of dollars, shattered my confidence and had me withdrawing the book before I even marketed it.

Now I have paid Lynne a very reasonable and affordable amount (much less than I expected!) for editing each of my last four novels and in that price she picked up spelling mistakes, grammatical problems, formatting issues, inconsistent ideas, time line inaccuracies and made suggestions that improved each story in every way. In doing this she always kept the integrity of the books and understood my heart and purpose behind them. And yes, these are in books I thought were ready to go to the printer before Lynne even looked at them.

I now have quality books that I market with confidence, that are better than I could ever have imagined. I thank God for Lynne and would not hesitate in recommending her to anyone looking for an editor.

Jenny Glazebrook, author of the Aussie Sky series.

Lynne Stringer has edited two of my books and I have been completely happy with her work. Lynne is very thorough and professional. Her suggestions have enabled me to prepare my manuscripts for printing with greater confidence in their final presentation. I have already recommended Lynne to other authors, and will continue to do so.

Ken Legg, Set Free Ministries.

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Naomi Anne Little


If you would be interested in having me as your editor, please get in contact. I have a page allocated for my editing services. My main areas of editing, are business documents, website copy, brochures, press releases, presentations, annual reports, white papers, guides, emails, dissertations and short stories. Novels are done on occasion when the author/editor relationship is one of understanding and a mutual fondness for the genre is present.