How to describe what you do

Keep it simple.

Not everyone has been blessed with the gift of the word

How can you get your company blurb right?

Start with a workshop. Follow the six steps listed below to get you started.


Write all the ways you can think of to describe what you do on sticky notes, or a digital tool, such as Power Point (we don’t need to get fancy).


Next, write all the ways your competitors and companies you admire describe what they do. Research is key here.


For both sections, analyse the descriptions and discuss how they describe what you do. Take whatever jumps out at you and put them in another section, or Power Point slide.


Now you have narrowed down your descriptions, see how you can simplify it further. Don’t get too esoterical. You need to be straight to the point, so when people visit your website, or pass by your store, they know exactly what it is you provide.


Decide on the best description and publish it. On your website, across your social channels, share it with employees, if you have any. You can even write a press release and include your description.


Each year, review the description to make sure it still reflects exactly what you do. You can follow the same workshop steps each time to narrow it down and find the right description for what you do.

Brand description evolution examples



Image sourced from

“Shoes for all.”

Blue Ribbon Sports / Nike


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“Find your fast. Our fastest family of shoes for everyday runs, training and racing, refreshed in a vibrant new colour way.”



The original description, ‘Shoes for all from BRS’, isn’t far from the latest description, from 2021. What Nike has done is expand on the original slogan, to include variations, that still denotes the original slogan, of Shoes for all from BRS, for the 2021 description.



Image sourced from

“We are a company of dedicated people making quality products for a healthier world.”



Image source from

“We’re one of the original plant-based wellbeing companies.”



Kellogs have kept the original healthier concept as part of their original description and given it a modern twist, using keywords related to wellness and people are focus on a plant-based diet. With a nod back to their historical beginnings as one of the first producers of healthy breakfast cereals.

Some helpful tips on how to write what you do!

  • If you make software that helps people keep track of their files at a low cost, write that!
  • If you offer people to shop the latest sustainable fashion trends with expedited delivery, write that!
  • If you offer businesses SEO services to increase quality traffic at a reasonable price, write that!
  • If you offer people to shop the latest, modern, artwork, starting from $100 upwards, write that!
  • If you offer people to shop indoor plants grown with love, shipped to your door, write that!

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