Pop Art


Providing a strong visual feast in the form of portraits, pop art prints, paintings drawings and objects. Strongly influenced by our Australian roots and the pop art movement of defined lines and splashes of colour. We have a plethora of different styles, that will resonate with your brand or interior style

Traditional photography right through to line drawings and large scale oil paintings, we have your portrait needs covered
Fine line prints or something more tropical in nature, we have a large variety of prints available in small and large formats
Pop art representative image
Pop Art
From food to flamingos, I make art that pops in bright colours, in a minimalistic poster style. Perfect for your walls
Herring pop art print, influenced by living in Copenhagen, Denmark and the minimalist Scandinavian style. The idea behind this one is we are inadvertently persuaded to adopt habits and customs of the countries we visit and live in.
Where I come from in Australia, the mountains meet the sea and on any given sunset, the mountain peaks are swamped in the dark blue hues of twilight as the ocean swells crash upon rocks giving passage to boats sailing up the river. 
There’s a fine delicacy found in Australia. Its jar is filled with black sticky goodness that can be spread in a thin layer over warm, freshly toasted bread. I can’t get it in Denmark and I crave it daily. This was done when I was staring at an empty jar of Vegemite I found when I moved apartments in the European Spring.