Digital Advertising

From Retargeting to Google Ads, we can provide guidance, implementation, graphics, copy and strategies to make sure your digital ads are seen by your target markets and convert into lead generation and brand awareness.

On social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter, advertising can increase your brand positioning and help you to convert prospects into paying customer’s.

Girls kicking ass with digital advertising and graph.

As a starting point, we conduct research into who your target market is and the potential of other unseen markets. Based on the research, we create graphics, copy and targeting which is then transferred to various digital advertising platforms.

Regional digital advertising is a great way to get your message and products out into the greater world, while targeting specific locations. Each global region has a different success rate with advertising, as does the different available platforms where advertising can be purchased.

We utilise sales psychology when creating our ads and create group specific graphics and communications based on that. Landing pages are also an integral part of the digital advertising strategy, as that is where your prospects will request more information by filling out a form.

When creating a landing page, we look at the above mentioned information and design the pages for maximum lead conversion. This is done by including a catchy title that is also used in the digital ads, an explainer paragraph, a form that appears above the fold and further information to catch the readers attention.

Another way we design landing pages is with longer form content that meets a specific target market, with a form fill option at the bottom or on the right hand column of a web page, in a purpose built section.

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