Social Media

Increase reach and engagement on your social media channels with glammed up content, including visuals and copy, with just the right kind of hashtags and target marketing thrown in!

Each social channel has it’s own audience and its important to be aware of how each channel works. Research is key in this instance. What works for one business, or influencer, might not work for you. Finding the balance between what works is at times a matter of trial an error. Social media takes time to build up. It’s a good idea to have a strategy in place before undertaking any great deal of effort.

If you don’t have time for a strategy, you don’t have time to post. One well placed post that is targeted, engaging and enthralling, will do more for your brand than a thousand posts telling people how good you are. With social media, strategy is everything.

Having a strategy and an overall visual style for each channel is key to making people click, engage and most importantly of all, getting people interested in purchasing from your amazing and pumped up brand.

To get a feel for each social media channel, we have some sweet guidelines that can help with reach and engagement.

Summer Nights Studio will create jaw dropping social media posts, stories and a well-nourished strategy to make sure you’re on target and winning the game on social.

Get in touch with us and let us know how we can hep you engage, inspire and wow your visitors. Not to mention gain more sales and brand awareness in the process!

Top four social channels

The below four social media channels, you should all know well. They are the easiest to work with, although with the digital landscape moving at such a rapid pace, next year they could be redundant. Always keep an eye out for social media trends. And remember, what works for one, doesn’t necessarily work for another.


  • Keep it professional
  •  Give viewers some eye candy
  • Create value by giving viewers something they are interested in
  • Get those hashtags right
  • Post content about your brand
  • Push those leadership qualities we all know you have
  • Publish articles
  • Update your company and personal descriptions
  • Engage with your target market
  • Comment on other people’s posts
  • Answer any comments with love


  • You can be more fun!
  • Catch viewers attention with video and colour
  • Create a scene
  • Stoke the hashtag fire
  • Post about your awesome company
  • Highlight your people
  • Show off your customers
  • Give your profile an uplift
  • Post in Groups
  • Check your messages
  • Spread the Facebook love


  • Engagement is key
  • Hard to get organic traffic
  • Good for branding
  • Can connect your ecommerce platform for shoppable posts
  • Creating great visuals is key
  • Using quotes works well
  • Important to brand your feed appropriately
  • Best used with similar products/concepts
  • Takes a fair amount of time to work it
  • Great for ecommerce
  • Great for fashion brands
  • Great for creatives
  • Needs a social media manager for Corporates


  • Can achieve high reach if done well
  • Doesn’t require images
  • Used heavily in the US market
  • Can tag people easily
  • More opportunities for interactions with influencers
  • Short, snappy tweets work best
  • Can link to articles
  • People can retweet
  • Great for events
  • Strategy needs to be done well
  • Talk directly to consumers
  • Inform customers with this platform
  • Comment on influencers tweets and retweet them for visibility

Video based social media


  • People need to watch your videos
  • Viral videos are a possibility
  • Good for branding
  • Educational content reigns supreme
  • Use tags
  • Make sure you write SEO descriptions and titles
  • Share the videos you create on your website and other social channels
  • The more views you get, the more opportunities YouTube gives you for marketing
  • Production costs are high for quality videos
  • Best to use scripts
  • All target markets use Youtube
  • Strategy is important to make traction through the noise
  • Spend the money on good production
  • Possibility to advertise


  • Viral opportunities
  • Not all target markets are present
  • Needs a constant stream of content
  • Might not be in alignment with your brand
  • Think about what ROI you would like from this platform
  • Might not have the personas you are targeting
  • If something does go viral, external news outlets might pick it up, making the above five points irrelevant
  • TikTok is the latest trend
  • Can pick up your phone, record and create a viral hit

Social Media Workshops

Contact us if you’d like a cost effective and practical social media workshop for your employees.