SEO Knowledge Sharing #1

Use your SEO skills to help increase website and social media traffic, and brand awareness. You can do this by optimising for keywords and phrases, updating meta data and content and researching the best way to increase traffic, based on target markets.


Understand what you need to improve and/or correct with an SEO site audit. This should form the basis of any SEO work you undertake.

Technical SEO

On the surface there is content. Behind that is the platform that makes sure site speed and mobile are optimised. This is just as important as the text part of any SEO.

Key word

Keywords and phrases are how search engines know who to show your pages to and what services or products your company is providing.


Check what your competitors are ranking for and using in their search strategies. There is gold mine of knowledge available from this research. It can also open up opportunities for expansion.

Meta data

Meta data is one way you take the key words and phrases and add them to a website so you can be found on search engines.


Creating content that tells a story, but includes the keywords and phrases, while solving a problem, increases the likelihood of your company showing in search results.

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