Fiery autumn

Polar Bears with Mother Winter and Dogwood - Fiery Autumn

Fiery Autumn

Rich, fiery, Autumn colours, echo through the landscape, heralding the coming of Winter. The warmth the Autumn brings on the backs of the descending cold, lightens the heart as the leaves fall. Autumn is a special time of the year and the seasonal change seems most prevalent. It is a time of reflection and chasing the sun, before it dissapears into the long sleep of Winter. Reds, oranges,browns and yellows, add beautiful, calming shades to interiors, brightening up a space, like an open fire place. Sending shoots of liquid amber, through your cold hands and shivering spine. Take a piece of Autumn and put it on your wall, or give it as a gift to one you love.

Polar bears seeking warmth in Mother Winter with Dogwood.