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Research Paper Cover Design

With this project, there was a focus on the relationship between security & criminal justice and how it can be reimagined to manifest within the urban space. This has been my primary area of research for my client’s research portfolio. Specifically, the client wanted to explore new forms of personal protection & other tools that can be harnessed by community power to advance urban planning in methods not limited to state structures. “I think this is the one! I think the two ‘windows’ that have blocked light send a great message and the rigid lines are severe yet playful in…

Alura branding and logo

Alura Copenhagen

I was tasked with creating a logo for a jewellery and clothing brand that incorporated the letter A. The products are quite delicate and made with well-sourced and fine materials. Part of the product range includes kimono style clothing range and the jewellery features pearls with gold details. The patterns on the kimono are quite graphic and whimsical.  As part of the process, I created a series of possible designs, featuring the letter A, that delved into the products ethos and style imbued by the Alura brand. It was a requirement that the text logo incorporated a diamond symbol in…


Mountain. This one is part of a larger work I created last year. This one was done in Illustrator and uses clean lines and solid forms. A minimalist outlook on the mountains far from home.

Scene outline and plot guide for writing novels

The way I write is like an avalanche. Presently, I have four novels in the process. Two of which, in my excitement, were sent to agents in the hope of getting them published. After many rejections, I pondered what I could do to improve my stories. Not having access to a ready stream of editors and draft reading guinea pigs, left me in a quandary. Online, there are myriad resources for writers and between several different suggestions, I created my own scene outline and plot guide. This has helped me a great deal in figuring out various sections and explanations…