When I was young, my oldest brother gave me books to read. Terry Pratchett was one of my favourite writers. As I progressed, probably a little too quickly, Milan Kundera became my favourite. The Unbearable Lightness of Being struck a chord within me, made me question life and gave me insights into the human psyche that I am forever grateful for. Even though, at the time, many of the nuisance’s of his writing, might have been lost on me. Fantasy books quickly surpassed the others which included Umberto Echo and Leo Tolstoy, although reverence is still held for the afore mentioned authors, David Eddings and Tolkien hit a nerve within me, keeping me up until all hours of the night, gobbling up words that seem to sing to a place within my soul.

They allowed me to escape the incessant boredom that came from a young inquisitive mind that was stuck in a small town filled with surfers and beach babes. A place I where I never really felt I belonged. Writing short stories and poetry filled the void of self expression, but something was always missing. I tried numerous times to sit and write longer pieces, edging my way to writing a full blown novel.

It was in my thirty eigth year, when I started a job as a copywriter, that I wrote my first novel. An epic six hundred page fantasy novel, that I am still editing two years later. I am amazed every time I start the editing process, how it was, I came to write the words. A jumble of grammatically incorrect paragraphs, that spill onto the pages. To me the words make perfect sense. Not so for the agents whom I sent the novel to in my haste. Learning the hard way, I recognized a need for me to improve my novel writing capabilities to a significant level of cohesion. However, it didn’t stop me writing until my fingers hurt and my eyelids were drooping from the late hours spent hunched over my laptop, scribbling away all the ideas the leapt into my head.

Passion is a cruel master at times. But one that drives me so hard, my physical self has become tuned to the onslaught of martial discipline required to put pen to paper. I may not be the best, nor the most celebrated author of our time, but by the gods, or the matrix, I can say I’ve given the best of myself, writing what I have.

Studying writers by constantly reading, learning how to join stories together and sheer will power has helped me improve significantly. This year I’m undertaking a degree in writing professionally combined with Fine Art, to delve deeper into my writing and artistic abilities. My writing isn’t for everyone, but if I can find an audience similar to me in my search for books that keep me up half the night just so I can finish ithem, I’ll know I’m onto a winner.

Hell, they keep me up half the night reading them when I should be editing, deconstructing and re-writing them. I love writing so much, I’ve made a career out of writing for other people. These novels, they are the product of me writing for myself. There’s a little bit of me in every single word. Call it sharing, call it delving into another dimension. The main point is to enjoy them and be moved to laughter, tears or gut wrenching moments of horror.

I have a fondness for dark country and Australian Hip Hop, along with violent battle scenes and crazy romantic relationships that border on medieval Royal shenanigans. Think along the lines of Mary Queen of Scots mixed with drug fuelled druids and gods that destroy as much as they create.

So, yeah, the whole questioning my existence and being in a job I hated, lead me to write my first novel. Ironic that a situation of stress could produce some of what I believe is my finest work. Who said there aren’t angels looking over us?

I have included some of my novels below. Here you can read excerpts, summaries, synopsis and see the progress of my work and how I go about writing.

I’ll also review some books and offer feedback on tools I’ve found and the processes I use to compile my novels and blog posts.

Currently, I’m working on several different novels. Some are almost finished, one has been sent to various publishers and there are many that are at the beginning phases. Stay tuned!

Of the Dark Moon

Follow the journey of Mánihynir as he journies to save the world and inadvertently finds love along the way with a tumultuous, highly-skilled, Potential Contractor, the likes of which the world had never seen before.

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