For me, designing is a way to experience and examine the world around me. My design work always depicts my interpretation of life and my relations to other people, other objects and other beliefs. I make sure to leave a little piece of my self in every object or solution I create, hence I believe this is the only way to create things that people will find special and meaningful.

I’m specialized in developing and working within creative processes. I will not just create functional and beautiful products for the future, but also take part in expanding the use of creative processes to be used within management and the organization.

A talent for identifying the essentials and a cool overview make me good at coordinating, planning and executing projects and processes. Throughout my studies I’ve developed knowledge and knowhow about developing and adapting methods and strategies in order to gain and analyze complex knowledge. Analysis that lays the foundation for creating optimal solutions through teamwork and dialogue.


Creativity is about dialogue. I have always had a talent for communicating, and thanks to my previous work and volunteering, I have refined this talent into becoming a strong communicator. I often become the leader in a group, because I express a trustworthy authority and diplomatic intentions.

Artistic Sensibility

Throughout my life I’ve been seeking a deeper meaning and beauty via an artistic approach and understanding of the world. I’ve learned how to use my sensitivity towards the intentions and aspirations of others, in order to tell the ‘good’ solutions from the ‘best’ solutions.

International focus

The most developing and insightful periods of my life, have been those where I was living abroad. Through firsthand experiences during longterm stays abroad, I’ve built up an understanding and fascination of how cultures arise and develop. Diversity is my strongest inspiration, since it constantly questions who ‘I’ and ‘we’ are as human beings.

Giving Form

It’s important for me to establish balance between the abstract and the concrete. To give physical form to ideas and things, enhances the dialogue between product and creator. The process of refinement of form is one of the most satisfying processes I know of. Through my studies I’ve developed a strong understanding, steadiness and enjoyment towards this process of transforming the abstract into the concrete.