People want to see themselves in your ads, or what they hope to become in the near future. Using sports stars in advertising was one of the triumphs in the field. All the fans imagining themselves being the next David Beckham, or Zinidine Zadane. Their name up in lights s they run around the field with their shirts off. The crowd roaring in their ears. Building a sense of community. Of belonging to a non-blooded family. Others don’t understand the game. The kinship you feel when your tam triumphs, in the gladiatorial fields of green. Players kick a ball, instead of welding life threatening weapons. Coloured jerseys are their armour and fans are the spectators. 

Basing your digital advertising visuals on psychological principles is a sure fire way for them to succeed. It does however require in-depth research on your target market. This form of advertising is not a quick, low hanging fruit, seat of your pants project. You need to go deep. Really deep, into the minds of your potential clients.

What do they do in their spare time?

What questions are they asking (Besides how to )?

How do they interact with the internet (Are they horrid trolls, getting incensed about issues they have no clue about, with people they will never meet?)?

What social channels are they on (There are so many these days, you’re sure to find at least one, unless they have fallen into a utopian world, bereft of the Internet)?

What kind of humour are they into (Is it dark and grim? Sarcastic? Lighter than a feather?)?

What do they want to look like (Not everyone want to look like Kim and Kanye)?

Who do they trust the most (Other than the internet)?

Are they avid readers (Smut and biographies included)?

Into politics (Or are they at a loss when you ask who the PM is)?

Don’t mind a bit of tongue in cheek (Or tongue in mouth, we don’t judge)?

Are they sports mad bastards (this is absolutely not genderised)?

Have they got an obsession with the Royals? (We’ve all been there. I just can’t help clicking on links related to anything about Harry and Phillip. William is just too pretty.)

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