Employee Branding

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Leadership and employee initiatives

Be a sought after place to grow your career and for new prospective employees to join.

Posting on social media to encourage engagement and be the place you say you are.

On average, employee branding posts achieve a much higher level of engagement

Employee spotlight posts on social media

Employee spotlights on the internal media streams

What does this do?

  • It creates a team
  • Helps employees get to know each other
  • Celebrates employees
  • Helps encourage employees to share experiences externally
  • Helps find more people and retain good people

Leadership initiatives –The why

“More than 60% of C-suite executives said they were more willing to pay a premium to companies that create thought leadership with a clear vision.”


The knock-on effects are employee respect and attracting top talent

Team rotation and interesting adventures

  • Dev teams
  • Design teams
  • Marketing teams
  • Sales teams
  • Management teams
  • Finance teams
  • People & Experiences teams
  • Customer service teams
  • Professional services teams
  • Operations teams
  • IT teams

Everybody wants to be famous!

The list is endless for possible stories to contribute.

Steps to take to harness the raw power of Leadership

Part One

  1. Leadership section on your website
  2. Leadership articles published on external platforms – Think industry specific and the wider global audience. You never know who is watching
  3. Take hot subjects and give to Leaders to write about, or have someone write them on their behalf.
  4. Map out industry events globally and determine opportunities
  5. Build up Leadership profiles externally, including social media
  6. Translate leadership articles/content to strategic languages
  7. Spread far and wide to gain more traction

Part Two

  1. Offer to speak at Universities/Speaking opps/Almuni events
  2. Review Leadership social profiles and suggest improvements
  3. Leaders publishing content on their personal LinkedIn
  4. Scripts for events, talks, videos and applications
  5. Feature pictures of leaders with people, think industry specific influencers
  6. Position leaders at global industry events 
  7. Generally build leaders online presence

Leadership initiatives –The outcome

  • Increased external company exposure
  • Attracting top talent
  • Career development for teams
  • PR
  • Positioning as experts in their fields
  • Happier teams through respect
  • Increased company revenue
  • Increase in global partnerships
  • Customer loyalty

“It’s more powerful than marketers think.B2B marketers and salespeople significantly underestimate the impact of thought leadership on demand generation and sales efforts compared to actual feedback from B2B buyers.”


Not sure where to start? We offer Employee Branding Workshops and Consultancy options, tailored to your business. As part of the Consultancy, we provide a detailed booklet specific to your needs to get your employee branding on track to be being awesome. Not only do we give you the tools, we make sure you follow through. What’s the point in strategy if you don’t use it?!

The Workshops will be conducted in English. Danish can be requested at a surcharge, as we only want the best for our clients. Same goes for the Consultancy. I want the Consultancy!Honey, I want a workshop!

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