Working Meditation Techniques

Taking time away from the screen is more important than ever in todays remote working climate. Drumming up business has become a solely digital affair, with many industries suffering due to the world health crisis.

What are you doing to balance the need for constantly being online with downtime?

Some tips we’ve found across the globe, are sometimes as simple as moving away from your screens and taking a walk in the afternoon. Other people have perfected their makeup and hair styling, or redecorated their homes.

A large majority of people are turning to exercise routines and meditation to beat the always on blues. Meditation doesn’t need to be an elaborately planned out regime, including an Indian guru, or a David Lynch set of rules. It can as simple as taking half an hour in-between when you finish work for the day and dinner, or for those with small children, after the kids are safe in bed.

Resting the Eyes Meditation

We like to call the term, resting the eyes. You are not sleeping, not really thinking about anything. Letting all the days troubles fall away, leaving a clean slate for your night time sleep. This method leaves out all the complex meditation programs that can often stress you out more. None of us want bags under our eyes from trying to meditate!

Another form of meditation is making mind maps of your goals. Using singular words to empty your mind and give you some screen free time. This method also helps you to keep focus on your goals and to remind your outer self the path you want to be on. You might be surprised at what you end up writing down.

Getting to Know your Plants Meditation

Have you got indoor plants? Now is a good time to check the soil, leaves and general health of your plants. Maybe move them around so they can catch the light, now the days are waning in the Northern Hemisphere. You outdoor plants might also need to be brought inside, now the night time frosts are getting more prevalent. The simple task of caring for your plants, is a form of meditation and helps you get away from your tech, even if it’s just for a short while.

When you run a business, or are in a position that is hectic, using what we like to call ‘working meditation’ techniques can go a long way in helping you de-stress. Go on, take a moment. You are so worth it!